AB 9000

Highly selective filters, linear RF amplifier
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Descripción General

The remote-controlled antenna booster contains eight highly selective filters that each allow a 24 MHz frequency window to pass. This adds significant safety to the system, as unwanted signals are blocked directly before the first active component. The frequency window can be remotely selected from the receiver. The linear RF amplifier with very high resistance to intermodulation can compensate for cable losses of up to 14 dB. The booster and receiver together check the cable loss on the RF cable and adjust the gain automatically.


  • Eight highly selective filters

  • Automatic or manual (without EM 9046) selection of filter

  • Highly linear RF amplifier with typ. 17 dB amplification

  • N-type connectors

Información Técnica

  • Dimensiones
    80 x 64 x 24 mm
  • Peso
    approx. 265 g
  • Conector/receptáculo de antena
  • Ganancia
    17 dB
  • Consumo de corriente
    max. 160 mA at 12 V
  • Voltaje de operación
    9-18 V Fernspeisung ueber Antennenkabel vom EM 9046
  • Rango de frecuencias
    AB 9000 A1-A8 : 470-638 MHz


  • Instrucciones de uso
    • Instrucciones de manejo A/AB/AD 9000 (1.3 MB) Descargas

    • Instrucciones de manejo Digital 9000 System (7.5 MB) Descargas

  • Declaración UE de conformidad
    • Declaración UE de conformidad EM 9046 | A 9000 | AB 9000 | AD 9000 (890 KB) Descargas