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The ADN-W D1 wireless delegate unit offers excellent speech intelligibility and ease of use.
EXTENDED BACKORDER – Due to availability issues with the ADN-W BA we are not currently accepting new orders for this product. Please contact your local Sennheiser team for other recommended solutions.
Artículo Nr. 504748

Descripción General

The ADN-W D1 wireless delegate unit offers excellent speech intelligibility and ease of use. Powered by the exchangeable ADN-W BA battery pack, the unit offers more than 20 hours operating time. The delegate unit features a microphone key that functions either as an on/off switch or as a request-to-speak button. The unit is equipped with a high-performance broadband twin loudspeaker system for decentralized sound reinforcement. A screw-on microphone socket is provided to connect a super-cardioid ADN-W MIC gooseneck microphone (available in different lengths and frequency responses). The wireless delegate unit with its battery pack can be charged in the ADN-W CASE UNITS or using the NT 12-50C DC power supply.

Qué hay en la caja?

  • ADN-W D1
  • Quick guide

Información Técnica

  • Dimensiones
    Width 185 mm, Length 180 mm, Height 67 mm
  • Respuesta de (audio) frecuencia
    100 Hz to 14.5 kHz
  • Peso
    approx. 940 g
  • Tiempo de cargado
    approx. 4 h
  • Rango de temperatura (en servicio)
    5° … +45° C
  • Potencia de salida de RF
    25 to 100 mW
  • Tiempo de operación
    approx. 20 h with battery pack
  • Fuente de poder
    7.4 VDC via ADN-W BA
  • Conector/receptáculo de antena
    Inbuilt PCB antennas with pattern diversity
  • Rango de frecuencias
    2.4 / 5.1 - 5.9 GHz
  • Nivel de salida de audífonos
    50 mW / 16 Ω
  • Area máxima de cobertura
    30 m to ADN-W AM
  • Humedad relativa del aire en funcionamiento
    20 … 80%
  • Calidad de audio
    16 bit / 32 kHz


  • Datos de transporte de baterías de iones de litio
    • Transport information for Lithium-Ion batteries (570 KB) Descargas

      Revision Date: 2020-02-09 Revision Number: 1.0

  • Spec Sheets
    • Hoja de datos del producto ADN-W D1 (190 KB) Descargas

    • Hoja de datos del producto ADN-W MIC (150 KB) Descargas

  • Instrucciones resumidas
    • ADN D1 Quick Guide (3.8 MB) Descargas

      ADN D1 Quick Guide for printing out and placing in the room

    • Quick Guide ADN-W Case (5.5 MB) Descargas

    • Quick Guide ADN-W MIC 15 MIC 36 (550 KB) Descargas

  • Application Notes
    • Application Note - Conference with Interpretation (770 KB) Descargas

  • Instrucciones de seguridad e información normativa
    • Declaraciones del fabricante - ADN / ADN-W C1/D1 (490 KB) Descargas

  • Folleto digital
  • Instrucciones de uso
  • Media Control Protocols
  • Declaración UE de conformidad
    • EU Declaration of Conformity - ADN-W (190 KB) Descargas