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Control microphones with just one app: Sennheiser Control Cockpit

Like many other Sennheiser microphones, the new ceiling-mounted microphone TeamConnect Ceiling 2 can be operated using just one single app: the free Sennheiser Control Cockpit software. Use the Sennheiser Control Cockpit to make the initial configuration. You can then also operate TeamConnect Ceiling 2 with a media control system. However, the complete scope of features is available only in the Sennheiser Control Cockpit.

How you can configure TeamConnect Ceiling 2 quite easily with the Sennheiser Control Cockpit

Let’s take “microphone configuration” as an example. TeamConnect Ceiling 2 can be operated in two ways using the Sennheiser Control Cockpit:

  • Option 1: integrated in an existing network

The Sennheiser Control Cockpit is installed on a host PC (Windows 7 or higher), which is connected to the same network as the ceiling microphone that is to be configured. The Sennheiser Control Cockpit runs on the host PC as a Windows service. It is operated in the network by means of any browser-enabled device (e.g. PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone) by means of the Control Cockpit client that is called up in the browser via a URL.

  • Option 2: configured as standalone solution with a PC and a PoE-enabled network switch

The Computer is connected to a PoE-enabled network switch by means of a network cable (Cat5e or higher). Alternatively, a PoE injector can also be used. Then the network switch is plugged into the Ethernet PoE/Ctrl socket of the ceiling microphone.

Once the microphone has been detected, you will have access to a vast range of settings:

  • Audio settings: sound profile, audio level, output level, reset audio, room noise level, installation type and mute
  • Position detection: real-time display of the detected position of the person speaking in the vertical and horizontal angle of the identified position
  • Device settings: location, LED brightness, device restart, factory settings
  • Network settings: Ethernet settings, Dante settings

Sennheiser Control Cockpit Release 3.1.0 with new features

A new version of the Sennheiser Control Cockpit software is available as of May. This release lets you access the following features for TeamConnect Ceiling 2:

  • LED colour configuration
  • Microphone alignment setting
  • Vertical area exclusion setting
  • Synchronised update of 15 ceiling microphones at a time
  • Group identification in case of multiple selections
  • Filter for unknown devices in the device list
  • More flexibility for the display of data in the device list with a second optionally selectable information column
  • Open/Close all context menus for expandable device detail tabs for mixed multiple selections

The release furthermore includes updates for the products SpeechLine Digital Wireless and evolution wireless G3/G4. Including:

  • Microphone-leaves-room detection with alert via email or instant text message
  • Improved visualisation of the walk test
  • Additional parameters and information for ew G3 and ew G4 devices

Find more information about Sennheiser Control Cockpit and download here:

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