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Memory Mic
Con Memory Mic, puedes capturar un asombroso sonido con calidad de transmisión, el cual será el acompañante perfecto para tu video. Memory Mic se conecta al inicio vía Bluetooth, por lo que no tendrás que preocuparte por salir del rango. El micrófono sigue grabando a cualquier distancia desde tu smartphone. El Memory Mic graba hasta 4 horas de audio que se sincronizarán automáticamente con el video que grabes con tu smartphone a través de la app Sennheiser Memory Mic, que se puede descargar en App Store o Google Play.
$ 6,361.00
incl. VAT plus envío
Artículo Nr. 508214
Memory Mic
$ 6,361.00
incl. VAT plus

Los micrófonos regulares que están integrados en los smartphones capturar el audio del video únicamente del lugar donde te encuentras. Con Memory Mic puedes mover libremente la fuente de sonido, a cualquier distancia, cuando grabas tus videos. Lo único que tienes que hacer es colocar el micrófono en la ropa de tus familiares o amigos, o en objetos, abrir la aplicación y comenzar a grabar. Memory Mic se conecta inicialmente vía Bluetooth, por lo que no tienes que preocuparte por salir de rango.

  • Sincronización de audio y video con un solo toque

  • Graba a cualquier distancia

  • Sonido de alta calidad para vlogs, documentales y videos caseros

  • Grabación de audio inalámbrica y suave, sin fallas

  • Hasta 4 horas de tiempo de grabación

  • Fácil de sujetar gracias a su clip magnético

  • Carga USB

  • Armazón ligero y discreto

  • Descarga gratis la aplicación de grabación de audio y video para el micrófono Memory Mic desde App Store o Google Play.

Sonido increíble, conexión impresionante.

Con Memory Mic, puede capturar un sonido asombroso en calidad de transmisión, el acompañamiento perfecto para su video. Memory Mic se conecta inicialmente a través de Bluetooth y no tiene que preocuparse por salirse del alcance. El micrófono continúa grabando a cualquier distancia de su teléfono inteligente.

Sonido increíble, conexión impresionante.

Sin desconexiones, sin límites.

El micrófono cuenta con una cápsula de condensador de alta calidad y la tecnología única de Sennheiser asegura una distancia de grabación ilimitada entre el micrófono de memoria y su teléfono inteligente. La sincronización de audio y video con un solo toque le brinda una grabación de audio fluida e inalámbrica, con resultados sin interrupciones.

Sin desconexiones, sin límites.

Obtén la aplicación gratuita.

El Memory Mic graba hasta 4 horas de audio que se sincronizarán automáticamente con el video de su teléfono inteligente a través de una aplicación Sennheiser Memory Mic, descargable a través de App Store o Google Play.

Obtén la aplicación gratuita.
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  • Memory Mic
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Product Support Phone

Product Phone

  • How far away can the Memory Mic be from my device?  Isn't there a distance limitation for Bluetooth?
    The Memory Mic uses Bluetooth to establish the initial connection between the recording device (i.e. your phone or tablet) and the Memory Mic, essentially providing a timestamp between the two devices for the purposes of sychronizing the audio to the video later.  Once the timestamp happens, there's no active connection between the Memory Mic and your device, so you're free to roam at any distance while the Memory Mic captures your audio.  When you're ready to transfer the audio to your device, a WLAN connection is enabled to send the audio (.wav file) at speeds of up to 20x.

  • Can I use the native video app on my device instead of the Memory Mic app to record? Will there be support for 3rd Party video/film apps?
    One of the unique aspects of the Memory Mic is its ability to automatically sychronize the recorded audio to the video - this means you'll be ready to share your video instead of spending time editing your audio to align it to your video. This requires the use of the Memory Mic app. Stay tuned for more announcements regarding partnerships with leading app developers for users that want to have greater control of video parameters.

  • Is the Memory Mic available in other colors?
    Currently, the Memory Mic is only available in one color: white.  We have received feedback from our customers that they would like color variants and are considering a dark color for future versions (i.e. grey, black, charcoal)

  • What can I use the USB-C connection for?
    The USB-C connector is used solely for charging the internal rechargeable battery of the Memory Mic - it cannot be used for data transfer or connection to a PC or Mac device.

  • How do you charge the Memory Mic?
    The Memory Mic charges via the USB-C connection and the supplied USB cable, which can be plugged into any AC adapter - like the one that came with your phone or tablet - for the purposes of charging. The technical specification of the charger should be 5V. 500 mA

  • How long does it take to charge the Li-Ion battery?
    70% charge < = 1 hour, 100% charged < =2 hours; a full charge will last approximately 4 hours

  • What's the recording time of the Memory Mic?  Is there removeable storage?
    You can record up to 4 hours of audio via the built-in, non-removable storage.

  • Can I connect multiple Memory Mics to a single device?
    Devices need to be paired on a one-to-one basis; using multiple Memory Mics simulataneously with a single device is not possible.  You can, however, blend the audio from the on-board mic on your device (or lav mic connected to your device, for example) with the audio captured from the Memory Mic.  This is done via the Audio Mixer when viewing the videos in the Memory Mic app gallery - use the mixer to adjust the level balance of the two microphones, click "Save" and export to your preferred location.

  • Can the Memory Mic be plugged in via USB-C for charging while in use?
    Yes, the Memory Mic can be charged while capturing or transferring your recording.

  • What's the recording format of the audio?
    16-bit, 48kHz .WAV files

  • What's the format is the video that's exported via the Memory Mic app?
    For Android operating systems, the file type is .MP4; for iOS operating systems, the file type is .MOV

  • I have a long recording that I can't email or easily upload - how do I get it off my device?
    Each operating system has different ways to transfer files off their device; for Android devices, you can connect your phone to a computer and search in the device for the Phone\Movies\Memory Mic Mixed folder, which will contain exported videos from the Memory Mic app.  For iOS devices, the .MOV file will be included in the DCIM folders.

  • What type of microphone is used in the Memory Mic?
    The Memory Mic features a omni-directional, pre-polarized condenser microphone that is protected by an integrated windscreen.

  • What do the color indicators mean on the LED?
    When in use:  Orange = Standby/waiting for connection, Green = Connected and Recording, Red = battery is at or below 5%.  While charging:  The LED indicator is also red while charging.

  • What are the Sensitivity settings used for?
    Depending on your environment and how loud it is, you may want to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone through the Memory Mic app.  There are three settings: low, medium and high.  Low is for use in extremely noisy enviroment and loud settings, such as a concert or when in use around loud equipment.  Medium is recommended for applications where you're attaching the Memory Mic to a single person - for instance: to record a presentation, vlog or other on-camera application.  High can be used when placing the Memory Mic between two people to record an interview or when the Memory Mic will be placed physically away from the subject (i.e. on a table for an interview).

  • How does the Memory Mic attach to clothing?
    The Memory Mic has a non-marring, magnetic clip that securely fastens it to your clothing.  Alternate wearing styles can be used depending on your needs, such as clipping it to a lanyard (i.e. for a teacher), onto a music stand, etc…

  • How lightweight is the Memory Mic?  How small is it?
    The Memory Mic weighs 27 grams (just over 1 ounce) and is 51 x 37 x16mm (approximately 2 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches)

  • Is the Memory Mic battery user replaceable?
    The Memory Mic battery is not user replaceable.

  • What is the Memory Mic warranty?
    The Memory Mic carries an international, 24 month warranty - please contact Sennheiser or one of our Service Partners for additional support on after sales service:

  • Can I change the quality of the audio recording to conserve Memory Mic space?
    The audio settings are fixed at 16-bit, 48kHz and the format is .WAV

  • Is there a case available for Memory Mic?
    Sennheiser does not offer a case specific to the Memory Mic, but a variety of options are available on the market from other accessory manufacturers depending on your specific needs.

  • Where was Memory Mic manufactured?
    The Memory Mic is manufactured in the Netherlands.

  • Does Memory Mic come with a charger?
    The Memory Mic does not include a power adapter, but it is supplied with a USB to USB-C cable, which can be plugged into any AC adapter for the purposes of charging. The technical specification of the charger should be 5V. 500 mA

  • Can a wired mic be added to Memory Mic?
    A wired mic cannot be added to the Memory Mic


  • Instrucciones resumidas
    • Guía rápida Memory Mic (420 KB) Descargas

      Online version of the printed quick guide of the Memory Mic

  • Declaración UE de conformidad
    • Declaración UE de conformidad Memory Mic (1 MB) Descargas

  • Datos de transporte de baterías de iones de litio
    • Transport information for Lithium-Ion batteries (570 KB) Descargas

      Revision Date: 2020-02-09 Revision Number: 1.0

  • Instrucciones de seguridad e información normativa
    • Instrucciones de seguridad - Memory Mic (1.5 MB) Descargas