SC 200

The working tool for all day performance

SC 200, our popular range of robust, wired headsets, has proven to be a lasting favorite with contact centers, offices and Unified Communication professionals around the world – and for good reason.

The working tool for all day performance

In increasingly stressful workplaces, being able to hear and be heard clearly is critical to performance – and long-term comfort is essential for all day users to maintain their focus and energy.

With Sennheiser Voice Clarity, noise-cancelling microphone for noisy environments and a lightweight, ergonomic design for all day use, a SC 200 headset is simply the perfect tool when clear communication and long term user comfort are crucial to the job in hand.

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The working tool for all day performance

  • Clear Sound

    • Natural listening experience with Sennheiser Voice Clarity

      Optimum speech clarity with a noise-cancelling microphone

      Clear Sound
  • Wearing comfort

    • Best-in-class comfort CircleFlex™ dual-hinge ear cup system adapts seamlessly

      Personal fit - numbered headband grooves for step-by-step adjustment

      All day wearing comfort due to acoustic foam ear pad(s) with soft leatherette cover

      Wearing comfort
  • Superior durability

    • Build to last - its durable construction with lightweight, metal reinforced headband is designed for years of continuous use

      Superior durability
  • Hearing protection

    • ActiveGard® Technology - protects users against acoustic injury caused by sudden sound burst on the line

      EU Noise at Work limiter*/** - Enhanced audio protection preventing listening fatigue, average 85 dB over a work day

      * Available when the headset is connected via USB
      ** In compliance with EU Noise at Work legislation (Directive 2003/10/EC)

      Hearing protection
  • Microphone precision

    • Wearing flexibility, wear it on the left or right due to the pivotable boom that rotates 350 degrees for precise microphone placement

      Optimal speech transmission, bendable boom arm ensures optimal microphone position

      Microphone precision
Voice Clarity
Gracias al micrófono con cancelación de ruido y al sonido de banda ancha, tanto tú como tu interlocutor escucharán cada palabra nítida y claramente. Será como estuvieran conversando en persona.
  • Sin Claridad De Voz
  • Con Claridad De Voz
Tecnología de protección para los oídos
Los usuarios intensivos de teléfono pueden estar expuestos a sufrir impactos acústicos potencialmente peligrosos causados por sonidos inesperados y muy fuertes en la línea. La tecnología ActiveGard® protege a los usuarios del impacto acústico y de los aumentos repentinos de sonido.
  • Without ActiveGard®
  • With ActiveGard®

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